Profile of Eisuke Miura

Profile 三浦英介 [1974年東京生まれ] 1990年からクリエイティブの技術を学び、フリーランスのグラフィック・デザイナーとして独立。のちウェブとデザインの講師と教員経験を経て、現在は日本アニメ制作に参加、他にデザインの講師、文化創生・異文化教育の講演を行う Profile I will introduce Profile of Eisuke Miura. Born to Tokyo Japan in 1974. I have been a creator since 1990. After that, he became independent freelance graphic designer. In addition, after experiencing web and design lecturers and teacher experience, he currently conducts business participation of Japanese animation companies, education of […]