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三浦英介 [1974年東京生まれ]


I will introduce Profile of Eisuke Miura. Born to Tokyo Japan in 1974.
I have been a creator since 1990. After that, he became independent freelance graphic designer. In addition, after experiencing web and design lecturers and teacher experience, he currently conducts business participation of Japanese animation companies, education of design at various locations, lectures on Cultural Creation and Cross-Cultural Education.



A Creative Work

In 1993, At Future Pirates Inc of a venture company, we developed a multimedia terminal 3DO games using Silicon Graphics Inc computer graphics workstation. Silicon Graphics Inc was the company of Jim Clark that developed the world’s fastest machine and founded Netscape.

Silicon Graphics IndigoPanasonic 3DONetscape NavigatorFuture Pirates IncWacky RacesTshuyoshi Takashiro


In 1996, I worked as a freelance designer for Company promotion, Interactive kiosk, Web design, E-learning etc.

BenettonCoachDiorSony Aibo

タイフーングラフィックスにて劇場版デジモン・アドベンチャー triではシニアCGスーパーバイザーを務める。ブレードランナー2049の短編アニメーションを手掛けた渡辺信一郎氏が監督を務めるフライングロータスのMVに参加

And At Typhoon Graphics Inc of a Japanese animation studio, I did a Senior CG Supervisor at Digimon Adventure tri of the theater movie at the company. Now I am creating a new music clip of Flying Lotus with Shinichiro Watanabe who produced the movie “Blade Runner Blackout 2022”.

Blade Runner Blackout 2022Blade Runner 2049Flying LotusDigimon Adventure tri part1Digimon Adventure tri part6More PV


アニメーション:デジモン・アドベンチャー tri

Work History

  • In Design works Sony, Dior, Loreal, Coach, and Benetton.
  • In Game development Panasonic 3DO, Sony Play Station, and Pachinko.
  • In System design works Japan Expo In Fukushima 2001 Beautiful Fukushima Future Expo, Aqua world Oarai, and Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall.
  • In E-learning works Novartis Pharma, Banyu Pharmaceutical, and The Jikei University Hospital.
  • In Web design works NYK Line, Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, and Kibun Foods inc.
  • In Japanese animation works Digimon Adventure tri.



An Education Work

I was working as a designer. In 2003 I was asked a lecturer from a vocational school. I have been a teacher at school since 2008. I was asked to work from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at the school founded by the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Yomiuri College of TokyoCareer College Sugawara-GakuenTokyo Multimedia CollegeTokyo Mode GakuenJoshibi University of Art and DesignCGWORLD2017 Creative Conference

Currently I carried out Cross-Cultural Education at TAFE in Australia with sister school Yomiuri College of Tokyo. In 2016 I talked about design and Japanese animation, in Thailand. I can give a lecture on Design, Anime, Intercultural communication, Corporate compliance, and Career support.

Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]Silpakorn University[photo by eisuke miura]

I am aiming to acquire the qualifications of Social worker and Clinical psychologist. For that I am studying Philosophy, Clinical psychology, and Bioethics.

Australia[photo by eisuke miura]Australia[photo by eisuke miura]Australia[photo by eisuke miura]Australia[photo by eisuke miura]Australia[photo by eisuke miura]Australia[photo by eisuke miura]


2003年『学校法人都築学園 東京マルチメディア専門学校』『学校法人菅原学園専門 学校デジタルアーツ東京』講師



Instructor history

  • 2003 Tokyo Multimedia College, and Career College Sugawara-Gakuen.
  • 2008 Tokyo Mode Gakuen, and Yomiuri College of Tokyo.
  • 2013 Pacific Cross-Culture Language Academy(Australia).
  • 2014 Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Presentation history

  • 2016 Silpakorn University(Thailand)
  • 2017 Katayanagi Institute, and CGWORLD2017 Creative Conference.
  • 2018 Noah Design, Shizuoka Sangyogijutsu Training School.

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